Thursday, July 2, 2015

A Fresh Start - Changes Are a Coming

I have decided to come back to this blog and turn over a new leaf. I want to share the journey that I am on with our remodel, redecorating, re-doing of our 1940 cottage. A labor of love, this has been a long time coming. We have lived in this 1,100 square foot home for nearly 14 years. The dreams and visions of all the changes I wanted to make are starting to take place and I want to document it all for my own memory. If this journey benefits anyone else then it will be a double win. Soon I will begin to add all the before and after photos of the house and go room by room to the best of my ability. It's nothing spectacular but it's mine and like I said (for me and J - the hubby) it's a labor of love. My heart is in decorating and creating a "homey" warm place to land at the end of the day.

Not only do I want my family to feel like we have a "well feathered nest" but I enjoy company. A friend recently paid me the biggest compliment. She said to another visitor to our home, "Do you see now why I never want to leave once I get here?". That is the ultimate goal for me. I feel like being a hostess is just a part of my being. I want to provide comfort and hospitality to everyone that visits. I want to always have an open door, a warm cup of coffee or a cool glass of tea for a guest, good conversation and do it all in the inviting setting of my cozy little home. Nothing about hosting feels like work to me. I never tire of creating and tweaking the little things that are making my house a home.

Just to get this place into the "here and now" the latest and greatest of the Lindsey house -

*Madeline has graduated high school, spread her wings in the world, moved out and is writing her own life story.
                                                 Me with my Madeline around the end of May.

*Brady has graduated high school, is still living at home, working A LOT, and will start college in the fall.

*Claire is an upcoming third grader, full of nearly 8 year old wisdom, and a new Christian :)

*Jason and I celebrated 19 years of marriage in April. We are truly more in love now than ever and he really is my best friend. The remodel of our home has caused us more arguments than I care to admit BUT it is because he wanted to be the designer and decorator at times. He is learning that it just doesn't work that way around here - ladies, can I get a witness?!  All jokes aside, he has been a trooper through all of my shenanigans and inventions.


The fam (minus Madeline) on Brady's graduation day!

*Francine is our newest addition. She is an 8 month old schnoodle. She was a family Christmas gift after we lost our 14 year old golden retriever/chow mix, Harry. Although, she will never replace our sweet Harry-dog she has been a delightful addition to our family.

                      Our sweet Francine (Francie-pants as she's known around these parts).

Stay tuned for the before and afters! I can't wait to start sharing with y'all!

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