Thursday, July 2, 2015

A Fresh Start - Changes Are a Coming

I have decided to come back to this blog and turn over a new leaf. I want to share the journey that I am on with our remodel, redecorating, re-doing of our 1940 cottage. A labor of love, this has been a long time coming. We have lived in this 1,100 square foot home for nearly 14 years. The dreams and visions of all the changes I wanted to make are starting to take place and I want to document it all for my own memory. If this journey benefits anyone else then it will be a double win. Soon I will begin to add all the before and after photos of the house and go room by room to the best of my ability. It's nothing spectacular but it's mine and like I said (for me and J - the hubby) it's a labor of love. My heart is in decorating and creating a "homey" warm place to land at the end of the day.

Not only do I want my family to feel like we have a "well feathered nest" but I enjoy company. A friend recently paid me the biggest compliment. She said to another visitor to our home, "Do you see now why I never want to leave once I get here?". That is the ultimate goal for me. I feel like being a hostess is just a part of my being. I want to provide comfort and hospitality to everyone that visits. I want to always have an open door, a warm cup of coffee or a cool glass of tea for a guest, good conversation and do it all in the inviting setting of my cozy little home. Nothing about hosting feels like work to me. I never tire of creating and tweaking the little things that are making my house a home.

Just to get this place into the "here and now" the latest and greatest of the Lindsey house -

*Madeline has graduated high school, spread her wings in the world, moved out and is writing her own life story.
                                                 Me with my Madeline around the end of May.

*Brady has graduated high school, is still living at home, working A LOT, and will start college in the fall.

*Claire is an upcoming third grader, full of nearly 8 year old wisdom, and a new Christian :)

*Jason and I celebrated 19 years of marriage in April. We are truly more in love now than ever and he really is my best friend. The remodel of our home has caused us more arguments than I care to admit BUT it is because he wanted to be the designer and decorator at times. He is learning that it just doesn't work that way around here - ladies, can I get a witness?!  All jokes aside, he has been a trooper through all of my shenanigans and inventions.


The fam (minus Madeline) on Brady's graduation day!

*Francine is our newest addition. She is an 8 month old schnoodle. She was a family Christmas gift after we lost our 14 year old golden retriever/chow mix, Harry. Although, she will never replace our sweet Harry-dog she has been a delightful addition to our family.

                      Our sweet Francine (Francie-pants as she's known around these parts).

Stay tuned for the before and afters! I can't wait to start sharing with y'all!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hello? Is this thing on?

Ok, it is pretty obvious that I need to dedicate a little more time to the blogging world. Is the excuse that life is busy for a mom of three a viable one? I am guessing-no. So, life in the Lindsey house has been sort of hectic.
  • Madeline and Brady started back to school. Officially a sophomore and a junior.
  • Claire registered for Pre-first grade. Not to be confused with Kindergarten (so says my 5 year old).
  • Madeline landed her first job.
Many bittersweet moments over the last few weeks have made feel old, weepy, happy, etc. You name the emotion and I have been there this month. How did I end up with two teenagers? Just a few short weeks ago they were babies, toddling around crying for more juice and vying for my attention.

I remember quite vividly driving Madeline to her first day of Kindergarten and listening to her tell me, "So this is college? Hmm, over there is the playground. Mom, if you just drop me off at the door I am sure I can find the cafeteria." Today she drove to school with Brady in tow-Wow!

When Brady was 10 and going to his first day of fifth grade, I was in the car line at school to drop him off. We had already dropped Madeline off for her first day of sixth grade at the middle school. I was nearly one month postpartum and emotions were on red alert. I noticed he was a little uneasy. I asked him if he was ok. He said, "Yeah, I just haven't ever been to a first day of school without Madeline." UGH! I was a blubbering fool before we ever made it to the school doors. Those two don't like for anyone to know they actually like each other but truth is they are rarely choose to be apart.

We will soon thrust another out the door into the world of school. Claire will start mid-August. When I took her to register there were tons of kids crying and clinging to their mother's legs. I was not the exception, however, mine was crying and clinging because she wanted to STAY. She wants to carry school books, do computer research and have homework just like Madeline and Brady. In her mind she is a teenager. Hopefully this zeal for school will always be with her. Wishful thinking? Ehh, maybe.

Speaking of zeal, did you see up there where I mentioned Madeline landed her first job? She wasn't very keen on the idea of working until the first glorious paycheck rolled in and then she was hooked. So hooked in fact that she actually went to work her second week on her off day. Ha! Bless it!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Pillow talk

My poor (poor=incredibly whiny) husband has come down with a case of pink eye. It is the according to--only him! Last night when we were going to bed he says, "Man, I can't even kiss you goodnight." because of course it is super contagious. Being quick witted, I say to him, "I have my sunglasses in my purse. I could put those on and then we could kiss!" And then the convo went something exactly like this--
Him: "You're a dork."
Me: "Your momma's a dork."
Him: "Whatever, your momma's momma."
Me: "Love you, goodnight."
Him: "Love you too."

This people IS maturity at.its.finest.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Here Goes...

So here I am, my first post. For years I have been encouraged to post my thoughts and parenting adventures via my own blog. After sixteen years of parenting and almost that many as a wife, I have had a few experiences that I feel worthy of sharing. Mostly this blog with be my online journal and for my one and only reader any readers it will be mostly comic relief. Living a simple life in rural Tennessee with my husband, two teenagers, a toddler and few ever changing pets; I hope to share the best (and worst) of the Lindseys.
I should begin with a short introduction of myself...I am a thirty something, working mom of three. My husband and I met, when we were both 18, in the tourist laden area known as Gatlinburg, Tennessee. We have been together ever since.
Our first born Madeline arrived on Valentines Day of 1996 to be followed 18 months later by our one and only son Brady. Having babies back to back like that can drive you to drink be hard work for a young, first time mother. I had learned my lesson well and our third born didn't join the family until 10 years later! Claire was born in mid-July of 2007.
The dynamic of our household has held quite a draw for some and maybe this is the perfect outlet for all of the crazy antics that I experience on a regular basis. All I ask is that you be patient because we may seem to have it together on the outside but actually we are just, Winging It.